Since the start of this year, 2018 the price ounce gold has reduced by about £35. The high price of a Dollar is helping to suppress the price of The Pound and Gold. This economic situation encourages investors to stay with investing in stocks and shares, and keep away from investing in gold.

Gold may turn around if the trade dispute with China and USA carries on, this dispute if unresolved will see economic activity reduce, affecting the price of the dollar and shares, this in turn may bring about inflation. If this happens investors will look to gold again, and as demand increases so will price ounce gold.

While the price of gold is low it may be a good time to look to invest some of your money in gold. We suggest investing in physical gold, the British full Sovereign is the ideal choice, as it is recognised the world over and each bullion grade sovereign has a current value of about £238, based on a price of about £945 ounce making it a relatively small amount to invest, also it is yours once purchased, you can hold it in your hand – it is not in the hands of others.

Have a look at our weekly price up date on how gold performed, here we give the lowest and highest price for the week and the week’s closing price, also the price of a gold sovereign, this is our favoured investment in gold. We also have a page: gold price performance, giving the historical gold prices, which is updated regularity. Our site is the place to check out price ounce gold.

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