GOLD SOVEREIGNS FOR SALE SOUTHEND ON SEA JUNE 2018. While in Southend on Sea, Essex, we were pleasantly surprised to find 3 shops, that purchased and sold gold and jewellery and all 3 of them had full gold British sovereigns for sale. Talking with one dealer he offered me a sovereign for £260, when I declined the offer, he said “how much do you want to pay” I suggested about £230. He declined my offer stating that he had to pay £225 for each sovereign. If you are looking to buy a sovereign,a shop like the ones shown on this video are good places to go, as you are dealing face to face with knowledgeable people. A fair price to pay would be about £250, which should secure a deal. Remember price of gold does move up and down and the price of sovereigns should reflect this. Have a look at our site

See our video:

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