Today I bought a Rolex

rolex oyster
Today I bought a Rolex, a classic Oyster Perpetual Datejust, I have been pondering over the idea of owning a Rolex for many years. I have met and know people who own Rolexes, and most have a storey behind the piece of funcional, engineered, aesthetically pleasing, machinery hugging their wrist. One person I was speaking to many years ago in a pub said his Rolex was one of the fruits of working in Jordan. Another I noticed on the wrist of a young single mother attending a gathering, where she proudly assured me her watch was an 18th birthday present from her parents and was genuine.
This is not the first Rolex I purchased, four years ago while doing some searches for Rolex watches on ebay, I came across a 1924 gold ladies Rolco watch, made by Rolex. I placed a bid and followed the bidding that week, I was struck with auction fever, to my surprise I won the auction, and my wife became the owner of a rather nice vintage god Rolco watch, I like the name Rolco,it is possibly more interesting than Rolex , Roloco can start a Rolex conversation with enquirers.
There are many, many Rolex, look alikes, copies and fakes out in the market place and on people’s wrists.
Some people may be wearing a very good copy of a Rolex unaware and be perfectly happy with their possession, likewise if someone sees a copy Rolex and and perceive it as genuine and not a copy will admire it. An item is seen as the story or known facts behind the physical object and not just the manifestation.
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