Have you taken a look at  this is the site you need to go to if you want to start investing in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.It appears that everyone on YouTube and other sites want to train you, give you advice and help you to make money with Bitcoin, the only catch is they want your money for their help and advice. So if you are new to crypto currencies, start with the original Bitcoin, all you need to know is on We have purchased, Bitcoin, Ether & Bitcoin Cash just by visiting the web site and watching a few videos on YouTube. We must stress we have not paid one penny for this information. The only way to learn is to do it. So start now and make your own mind up if you want to invest. We think you should have at least a small amount invested in Bitcoin, this will keep you up to-date. BITCOIN IS NOT GOING AWAY. BUT FOLLOW OUR ADVICE THERE IS NO NEED TO PAY TO BE SHOWN HOW TO DO IT.

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