Half sovereign gold ring – valuation


We have owned a half sovereign gold ring for many years and wanted to get a valuation, we visited 3 shops in a local city that advertised gold purchased. The first was a part of a chain of shops that specialise in buying electrical goods etc they took it out to a back room had a discussion and offered £230, the next shop was a dealer who specialised in coins, he looked at it, weighed it and said he would value it at between £230 & £270. The last shop dealt in watches, medals and coins, this person inspected the hall mark on the ring and informed me it was 9 carat, he checked the size of the sovereign and confirmed it was a half, he weighed the ring did a few calculations and offered £270 subject to inspecting the coin by removing it from the setting in the ring. This was an interesting exercise and serves as a reminder, that when selling gold, always go to an established dealer and get at least 3 quotes. You could even weigh the rig yourself minus the published weight of a half sovereign this will give you the weight of ring you could then check current value for half sovereigns, 9 carat gold, and second hand rings with a mount for half sovereign to get further confirmation of value. Remember knowledge is power or it at least stops you from loosing out.

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