But this would not be you.

We noticed another sign outside a shop, advertising coins, medals gold & silver bought for cash, this shop dose not sell these items. But as mentioned in one of our previous blogs:

“There is still a lot of interest in gold, we noticed this sign outside a cycle shop.Yes a bicycle shop –  All you have to do put a sign outside your shop, some one goes in with their gold, are very pleasantly surprised at the price and walk out with a pocket full of cash.”

But this would not be you. You read our posts and know that you should get at least 3 quotes for the gold, also try and sell the item for what it is, such as a ring or locket, not just as scrap. check out the gold price on our site, would you get moor if you thought gold was about to rise in price.  So from this you can see, by just putting a sign outside your shop, you can become an instant dealer in gold, who knows how much can be made.

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